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The Kardashian Machine Gears Up

for Hair

The cash keeps coming in with a capital K as Kim, Khloé and Kourtney pile up one commercial spin-off after another from mobile video games to book deals to fragrance. 

The latest example is a venture with Farouk Systems to launch hair tools and styling products in salon and mass distribution. For More

The empire is growing even now.


The adidas Originals Suisse, a 90’s favourite, returns on September 1 in three guises including the OG red colourway. adidas.com/originals

I need I need… I love #bubble #baths. I recently joined the neyber-hood @neybers and this is what I found. This is but a dream right now… No sleep till, as Spike Lee calls it “The Republic of Brooklyn” #tubs #ladieslounge #sanctuary #bathrooms and #bubblebaths #homedecor