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Miss me yet?!? #StyleMeApril #Day22 “Statement Earrings” I guess statement earrings don’t need a speech! As you were…. (at Pier 44 Redhook, Brooklyn)

Do you guys remember about 2 weeks ago I went thrifting and found a blue sequins top @buffaloexchange? (it’s posted in previous photos) Well I have that top on today with a tulle skirt my Mom (@moderndivineretro) made for me this week, I lucked up in finding some cute @bcbgmaxazria stilettos and then I put all of my bracelets on lol. This was fun!

He didn’t have to do it but He did. ❤️ (at New Life Cathedral 💒)

#StyleMeApril #Day17 “Girlie in Green” Green is probably the most unpopular color in my closet but today I’m ready to go green!! 😍 #GoGreen #Green 💚 (at

#StyleMeApril #Day15/ Day 16 “Lovely Lace & Maxi Moments” #Latergram
Yes this is a 2 day combo 😎. So we were uber gassed here in #NYC when we stepped out in that 70 degree whether the other day, to only wake up to snow covered whips. Well yesterday was all about “lovely lace” (which I’m still looking for love where that is concerned) so I decided to bring lace back to the future today. I am always signed up for a “Maxi Moment” I love the freedom that comes with a maxi. Also did you guys peep the Undercover clutch? #Chaos/Balance #MyLife…. Deets on these items found on www.therenataexperience com

#StyleMeApril #Day14 “Easter Bun” Ladies!!!! Being with child is no reason to be with frumpy! I’m a Mom I get it comfort rules… Here are some solutions 😝

#StyleMeApril #Day13 “Born in the Wrong Era” I ❤️ 18th Century style. Perhaps it’s more than the style. Maybe it’s the liberation in expression after the French Revolution. Deets on these frocks coming to #Empire #Dress

Oooooh I didn’t forget about ya’ll #StyleMeApril #Day12 “Makes Ya Wanna Dancegram” I love these pieces but can we get into the fact that 2 of these #leggings are over $1,000. I have a long list of what they need to do for me for every last one of those coins! 😝 deets on soon

Remember that one last thing yeh that… Don’t miss it! See for deets! #WritersConference (at

Oh oh oh oh before I go one last thing before I remember something else… Meet us tonight cc: @ekisfamous